Thursday, August 14, 2014

Connect DFW Reviews Web Resource for Dallas-Area Marketing Companies

The leadership at Connect DFW understands how overwhelming it can be to find the right marketing firm to forward your promotional goals and generate growth for your business. We do everything we can to spread the word through our dynamic promotions and the consistent results they provide, and we think our continued success speaks to our abilities quite well. One way marketing firms in our area can reach potential client is through, a comprehensive Web resource for promotional companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. As Rachel, our firm’s director of operations, commented, “This website offers a platform to discover marketing companies in the Dallas area, very helpful and useful for people seeking services.”

We are proud to be associated with this site. It’s easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, with companies neatly divided into specialty areas. You’ll find categories for firms that focus on branding, mobile apps, social marketing, and public relations. There are also listings for freelancers, photographers, promo item companies, and signage producers. Basically, anything you could need in the promotional and/or creative realm can be found through

Each listing features contact information and a link to the company’s website, and many include a brief company bio. This allows visitors to get a feel for each option before making contact. It also gives smaller operations a level playing field in the hyper-competitive search for new clients. You don’t have to be a member of a club or association to be listed on the site and the yearly fees for posting your information is very reasonable. This is truly a community resource for creative professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. is a valuable resource for agencies and for businesses looking to expand their market reach. We at Connect DFW have benefitted from the site and look forward to a long future as a listed provider.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Connect DFW Reviews Soda Pop Media Website

As part of our role as industry leaders, we at Connect DFW always have an awareness of what is going on in the corporate world around us. We like seeing the great things that other companies are doing, and seeing how their strategies affect their clients. Today, we are taking a look at Soda PopMedia’s new website.

The bright styles and bold colors of the website instantly draw in visitors. They promote themselves as “A Sparkling Creative Group,” and that is evident in their stylistic choices. We believe that engaging content and a sleek design are important qualities to have in a website, and are effective when trying to build your own brand.

Their most important material, however, is their services page. Here, you can find a list of everything that they offer, including (but not limited to) web design, interactive marketing, graphic design and tradeshow graphics, branding, e-learning, and social media marketing. They have designed the list so that each title is a live link that takes you to a deeper description of that particular service.

Let’s say that you want to learn more about their web design capabilities. By clicking the link, you will land on a page that offers graphics, information, and a walkthrough on how their web design strategies can directly influence your business.

Overall, the website is one of the strongest offerings we have seen in the industry. It is sleek, sophisticated, and with a certain element of whimsical fun added to delight the visitor. We recommend spending some time there to see what they have to offer. At Connect DFW, we enjoy interacting with other firms around the industry. It helps motivate us to continue our work as a premier consulting and marketing services firm.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Connect DFW Brings a Personal Touch to Marketing Innovation

Connect DFW truly exceeded my expectations. They gave our brand dynamic representation and treated me with the utmost care and respect. By using unique marketing channels to promote the live sports and other entertainment experiences we offer, they expanded our customer reach and awareness. They provided measurable results for our company with a high return on investment, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

What really sets Connect DFW apart from the competition is the personal touch they’re able to give their promotions. Not only do their interactive promotional campaigns establish a direct connection with customers, they treat clients with a tremendous amount of respect. Mass marketing strategies can’t match the experiential methods utilized by Connect DFW, and competing companies can’t match the quality of their client relations.

The commitment Connect DFW has for generating results is matched by their unrivaled execution. Their large team of highly-trained marketing specialists uses the latest techniques and research to promote unique entertainment experiences to an ideal audience. Their strategic planning and implementation strategies make all the difference and bring consistent rewards for their clients.

To any company out there that wishes to grow business and expand their customer base, I recommend teaming up with Connect DFW. There is no better option for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Our company could not be more thrilled with the results we’ve seen from our affiliation with Connect DFW and we urge anyone with a passion for growing their business to explore all the ways that this dynamic marketing leader can help them achieve lofty goals.